August 5, 2010

Sunday Creek

The Sunday Creek area was first explored by others between 1978 and 1981. The lack of high resolution data available at that time resulted in limited structural interpretation by previous explorers.

The Sunday Creek Prospect was initially identified as a radiometric anomaly without GPS or high resolution airborne data, with subsequent rock chip samples containing copper, uranium and lead.  Radiometric anomalies were also followed up with soil geochemical surveys, which produced low assay responses, mainly due to sand cover.

A four-hole reconnaissance drilling program was done at spacing of 4km and a prospective contact of 20km strike length is considered to remain largely untested.

The Mount Sears Prospect is located 25 kilometres east of the Sunday Creek Prospect covering an area of 150km2. A known uranium occurrence in the Mount Sears Range was discovered by Occidental Minerals Corporation in 1978 and has an associated airborne radiometric uranium anomaly. An overview of the Mount Sears project geology and historic data indicates that the project area is prospective for copper and uranium.  


Picture 1: Best Uranium Hits in E45/3278 – Location of Occidental 1980 Drill Holes