August 5, 2010

Rudall River Province

Rudall River Province Projects

  • The province is already well known for the Kintyre uranium deposit (36,000t U3O8), now owned by Cameco/Mitsubishi, and is located less than 30km to the west of the Sunday Creek Project.
  • Raisama has secured four Exploration Licences that include U3O8 mineralisation in the Sunday Creek and the Mount Sears deposits, defined in the late 70’ and early 80’.
  • Activities in these areas, just as in many uranium projects worldwide, were discontinued at the time due to unfavourable market conditions.
  • The surge in uranium price that started in 2004 has prompted the reappraisal of several prospects in Australia, a country with 38% of the world’s lowest-cost uranium resources (under US$ 40/kg, as compared to the current market price of uranium at US$ 48.00/lb) and an excellent potential for the discovery of new resources.

Figure 1. Rudall River Province Projects