April 3, 2019

Broadhurst Tenement

Peako is using geological, geochemical and geophysical methods to identify base metal target zones for investigation at its Broadhurst tenement, in which it has a 100% interest.

Historically, the Broadhurst tenement has mainly been explored for uranium mineralisation in the eastern part of the project area, with little exploration carried out for base metal mineralisation.

According to historical geological mapping, the bedrock geology of the project area is entirely made up of carbonaceous shales and siltstones of the Broadhurst Formation, and quartz sandstones and siltstones of the underlying Coolbro Sandstone Formation.

The location of Broadhurst Formation shales are shown in regional GSWA bedrock geology maps to extend along strike to the north west of Sunday Creek, where the shale units host the Metals X Nifty Cu deposit, as well as several Cu and other base metal prospects (mainly Pb-Zn).  Peako also has three long standing applications for exploration licences located close to its Broadhurst Project tenement.