April 3, 2019

Gold Prospectivity


Despite the East Kimberley being the focus of Western Australia’s first commercial gold discovery in 1885, Peako’s tenements have had very little gold-focussed exploration.

The East Kimberley is known to host numerous gold deposit styles including intrusion-related, orogenic and epithermal and spanning multiple depositional and mineralising events. Approximately 260 vein and hydrothermal gold occurrences are documented by Government datasets across the region.

Peako is building a quality pipeline of targets over a wide range of minerals (base metals, PGEs, gold) that will form the focus of future exploration activities”.

Peako’s tenement areas have been the subject of very little gold exploration historically.

Gold exploration has largely been peripheral to the focus of exploration for base metal sulphides including copper-lead-zinc and copper-nickel-PGE styles of mineralisation. Previous explorers  executed disjointed and sporadic exploration campaigns across fragmented tenement holdings targeting a wide range of mineralisation styles and commodities over a large area, yet very few explorers analysed their soil, rock or drill samples for gold.

The Eastman E80/4990 tenement’s potential prospectivity for gold is validated by a known gold signature as demonstrated  by drilling results as well as historical rock chip results that include a rock sample with up to 11.7g/t Au.  In addition, petrology results from 2019 RC chip samples have also identified the occurrence of gold as free gold grains hosted by deformed quartz veins at Landrigan


Eastman Tenement Gold Signature – Historic Data Compilation Ongoing