East Kimberley Project

Project Overview

Peako’s flagship East Kimberley Project is located in the Halls Creek Orogen near the southern margin of the Kimberley Basin, WA. The project covers 3,335km2 of 100% owned tenements in this historically underexplored province. 

The Project is nearby to several gold operations discoveries in the central Halls Creek Orogen such as:
• Nicholsons (Pantoro Limited, 35-40Koz p.a. gold production)
• Palm Springs (Meteoric Resources, 357Koz maiden resource)
• Panton PGM (Panoramic Resources, 14Mt at 2.19g/t Platinum, 2.39g/t Palladium)

Peako has adopted modern discovery strategies to aid our path to discovery. This includes leveraging over $5m of historical exploration data captured from 12 past explorers (over 50 years), in addition to innovative use of Worldview-3 highest resolution broad range spectral data. This has rapidly accelerated our geological modelling and target generation process and ensure we can effectively identify priority areas for field followup. 

Location and setting

Systematic exploration across the East Kimberley has lagged behind many of Australia’sProterozoic provinces, with past exploration programs broadly characterised by sporadiccampaigns over the past 50 years. Historical exploration, primarily guided by occurrences of surface gossan and geochemical anomalies, has provided consistent encouragement for the area’s economic potential. At the same time, discovery efforts have been hindered by a mix of cover, subcrop, poorly understood regolith, deep weathering and complex stratigraphy/structure, despite highly favourable host rocks, structure and known mineralisation across the area

The geological diversity within the tenement package has driven the search for a wide rangeof commodities by present and past explorers.

The Eastman (E80/4990) and Wirana (E80/5182) tenements host a diverse Paleoproterozoic succession that is widely intruded by multiple granitoid phases and deformed by multiple orogenic episodes. The area represents the western-most window of the Halls Creek Orogen where volcanic successions of the bimodal Koongie Park Formation volcanic belt (c. 1845 Ma) and the Lamboo Ultramafic (LUM) intrusive belt (c. 1850-1835 Ma) are well developed. 

The Koongie Park Formation (KPF) has demonstrated prospectivity for base (Cu-Pb-Zn) and precious (Ag, Au) metals with postulated mineralisation styles varying from VHMS to SVAL-hybrid styles, to epithermal and skarnoid mineralisation associated with widespread carbonate facies in the KPF stratigraphy.  In addition, mafic to ultramafic intrusions of the Lamboo Ultramafic complex have demonstrated prospectivity for base metal (Ni, Cu) and precious (Au, PGE) metals with potential mineralisation styles varying across magmatic, cumulate to intrusion or orogenic-related gold associated with deep crustal-tapping fertile structures.

Gold Signatures Confirmed

Significant gold and base metal presence has been confirmed from both historical datasets and our recent exploration and underpins the exciting potential of the East Kimberley Project. 

This includes results such as:

  • 5m @ 5.76g/t gold (Eastman prospect)
  • 10m @ 1.5g/t gold (Landrigan prospect)
  • 6m @ 6.52% copper, 27.2g/t silver, 1.16g/t gold (Landrigan prospect)
  • 15m @ 1.04% copper, 8.88g/t silver (Landrigan prospect)
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