Unlocking the East Kimberley Mineral Potential

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Peako Limited (ASX:PKO) is a mineral explorer primarily focused on our flagship East Kimberley Project in Western Australia.

This comprises a significant 3,335km2, 100% owned tenement package and is highly prospective for multiple commodities & deposit style endowment.

The East Kimberley project lies to the west of the Halls Creek gold region near the border of the Kimberly Basin.

Substantial gold presence has been confirmed in previous exploration, yet was not consistently followed up or assayed due to fragmented tenement ownership and base-metal focused exploration models.

Previous explorers demonstrated prospectivity for base (Cu-Pb-Zn) and precious (Ag, Au) metals, but discovery efforts have been hindered by a mix of cover, subcrop, poorly understood regolith, deep weathering and complex stratigraphy / structure. 

Much of the project is underexplored and this, in addition to the widespread gold occurrences, is favourable for our new exploration models, which have outlined a large mineral opportunity including for Copper-Lead-Zinc and Nickel-PGE.

This exciting combination coincides with the numerous different deposit styles we have identified across the whole project. 

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