Eastman PGE: Critical minerals for a greener Planet

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Peako Limited (ASX:PKO) is a mineral explorer primarily focused on our flagship Eastman PGE Project in the Halls Creek Province of Western Australia.

Extending over a length of 16.5km with established PGE mineralisation, the Eastman layered mafic-ultramafic intrusive complex has scope for a significant PGE resource

Peako's Eastman Intrusion is a large under explored intrusive complex that Peako considers prospective for a major PGE resource.

The Eastman Intrusion is located within the Central Zone of the Halls Creek Orogen, where an array of mineralised layered magic-ultramafic intrusive complexes are defined with an established mineral endowment.

Known endowment from layered intrusions in the Halls Creek Orogen includes:

• Savannah - 15Mt @ 1.40% Ni, 0.62% Cu
• Copernicus - 0.825 Mt @ 1.24% Ni, 0.81% Cu
• Panton - 2.4 Moz 3E PGE resource with an upgrade.
expected in Quarter 2, 2022   

Recent drilling by Pantoro Limited at the Lamboo Intrusion has also defined wide PGE intercepts, with resource drilling in progress.

The Eastman Intrusion appears geologically similar to the nearby northerly Panton and Lamboo Intrusions. The three intrusive complexes each have the same ultramafic-mafic rock types and similar intrusion sequencing. Moreover, historical work at all three intrusive complexes has focused on stratiform chromite layers in the ultramafic rocks.

Previous exploration at the Eastman Intrusion, like at the nearby Panton and Lamboo intrusions, focused on the discontinuous stratiform chromitite lenses rather than the wider more extensive PGE-rich stratabound mineralisation that Peako is targetting which has become recognised within the mafic-ultramafic layers of the intrusive complex.

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